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If you are like me, you look forward to every ride. I’ll take every minute I can get on the bike (and with two toddlers at home, sometimes it is just minutes). Do the thoughts of kitting up for the daily dawn patrol, the quick lunch ride, or the Saturday 80 miler with the gang get your heart racing? My goal is to help make that feeling a little more intense and surface a little more often. Maybe eyeing your Zank gives you that last little nudge to go out when the mercury dips or the skies open up.

I want to make a bike for you that fits so well and handles so superbly, that you ache to go out and ride. Seriously.

Current Pricing *

While I enjoy shipping framesets, I love seeing the build to completion. I put the same level of finish detailing into the bicycle assembly as I do the frame fabrication. You’ll receive your dream bike ready to ride. The full specifications for the build kits listed below can be found HERE. Please note that there are plenty of other wheel, tire, and part options outside of what are shown in the specs. I would be very happy to put a quote together with all of your favorite parts! Please contact me for details.

Welded Steel Wet Paint – $2650
Welded Steel Powder Coat – $2250
Welded Aluminum Wet Paint – $2300
Welded Aluminum Powder Coat – $1900
Super Record EPS – $7201 + frameset price
Super Record – $5295 + frameset price
Record EPS – $6005 + frameset price
Record – $4252 + frameset price
Chorus EPS – $4077 + frameset price
Chorus – $2780 + frameset price
Dura Ace 9070 Di2 – $5515 + frameset price
Dura Ace 9000 – $4231 + frameset price
Ultegra 6870 Di2 – $2745 + frameset price
Ultegra 6800 – $2007 + frameset price
105 5800 – $1512 + frameset price
Red 22 – $4213 + frameset price
Force 22 – $2126 + frameset price
Rival 22 – $1515 + frameset price

* Pricing subject to change. These prices reflect bicycles and frames being shipped today. Future orders are billed at the current pricing at the time of shipment, not when the order is placed.
A welded frameset with the wet paint option includes an Enve Road fork painted to match.
A welded frameset with the powder coat option includes a stock finish Enve Road fork.
Other forks are available, but frameset pricing may vary.
Shipping is billed at cost. I prefer to ship complete bicycles using an AirCaddy, and the carton cost will be factored into the shipping charges.