“What’s the biggest bike you have ever built?”

This one….

Care to guess? One hint. It’s a cross bike, so the head tube is a couple of cm shorter than it would be on a road bike of this size.

The thing I love about this lugset is it makes a lugged bike with a horizontal top tube a reality for larger, more powerful riders. It uses 1.25″ top tube and seat tubes and a cool down tube that starts at 1.25″ at the head tube and swells to 1.375″ at the down tube. It is a nice long taper and very subtle. The seat tube lug is my favorite part. Just like on my engraved “Z” seat tube lug, this lug has fastback style seat stay ports. Very sleek and speedy looking. The larger diameter tubes give the frame more rigidity, especially noticable on bikes over 62 cm. Are you a big fella who wants a classic looking bike with a tubeset more appropriate to you and your style of riding? This may be your answer.
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